Don’t underestimate the Beautyblender. It’s tiny, hot pink, and powerful. I first started using a Beautyblender three years ago, and must admit that since using it, I’ve kind of neglected my foundation brushes. There’s just something about this little sponge that’s very compelling, and it just works.

The Beautyblender is honestly idiot-proof, and offers little margin for error compared to other beauty tools. Using a Beautyblender almost always guarantees that your foundation or BB cream will glide on smoothly for natural, even coverage, plus it doesn’t take too much skill to bounce the little sponge all over your face. Here’s what you need to know about the Beautyblender before adding one to your makeup arsenal.

What it is

This cute, egg-shaped sponge was designed by celebrity makeup artist Rea Ann in 2003 and has garnered rave reviews since. The Beautyblender is made of a special latex-free material that allows it to fill with water when wet, so that your makeup doesn’t get sucked into the sponge, but instead sits on top of it – this ensures that you get light, even coverage every application.

How to use it

Always (always!) remember to wet the sponge before use. I like to run my Beautyblender under the tap for a couple of seconds while gently squeezing it a few times to make sure it’s fully saturated. Then, squeeze out the excess water and lightly towel dry so that it isn’t dripping wet. Now your Beautyblender is ready for use! I like to squeeze a few drops of foundation on the back of my hand and dip the Beautyblender in to pick up some product, before lightly bouncing it onto my skin. I prefer using the pointy end as it gives more control, and can get into the contours of my face easily. However, for quicker application, you can also dip the rounded end in foundation and bounce the Beautyblender over the ‘bigger’ areas of your face (cheeks, forehead, chin) first.

How to clean it

Since I don’t use my Beautyblender too often, I make it a point to rinse it out and clean it thoroughly before storing. (Also Read: How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes and Tools) Pour a few drops of makeup sponge cleaner (I use the one from Daiso) and a few drops of water directly onto the Beautyblender, then gently squeeze the Beautyblender a few times until it works up a good lather. Avoid twisting the Beautyblender, and don’t dig your nails into it or you might risk tearing the sponge. Once you’re done lathering, squeeze the Beautyblender under running water a few times until the water runs clear. Leave it to air dry until the next use.

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