Models look so sizzling that we cannot take our eyes off them. We usually think they have some extraordinary beauty routines and sigh over the fact that we do not have that capability to achieve the amazing looks or become stunningly beautiful which is just our misconception. On general basis, models follow the most common beauty routine for their skin and health blended with tidbit tricky methods.

Here we have enlisted some basic skin care tips combined with other uncommon beauty tips which most models are known to use. Follow these tips regularly to achieve the best results.

Cleanse Your Face

Throughout the day, your skin is constantly being covered with bacteria, pollutants, viruses, dirt, and dead skin cells making it look darker and duller. So cleansing your face daily is very important for your overall appearance. This will remove dirt, oil and other unwanted debris giving your skin a fresher and brighter look.

Wash your skin daily because not cleaning the skin regularly can result in clogged pores and lead to serious acne problems. Dirt, oily and greasy skin looks significantly aged. Cleaning the skin is so important that makeup artists tend to clean the model’s face even after they claim to have cleaned it before doing makeup.

Massage your face with heavy-duty moisturizer

Using moisturizer is good for the skin and highly recommended by makeup artists. It becomes a nightmare when you just apply the moisturizer onto the surface of the skin before makeup. The makeup will start to slide off and the areas of your skin will still look rough underneath the makeup. So massaging the skin daily with moisturizer is very important.

Moisturizers maintain the natural hydration in your skin. It prevents dullness and flaking and creates a protective layer of moisture lasting all day long. Moisturizing your face can reduce the appearance of other blemishes like dryness or oiliness, even several common skin problems like acne.

Scrape your lips to get rid of dead skin cells

Your overall appearance can highly get damaged if you have chapped or cracked lips. Dry lips are a common problem across the globe. The chapped lips can cause several problems including dryness, flaking, scales, sores, swelling, cracks and even bleeding. Lack of moisture can chap your lips badly. It can be weather-induced or related to a lack of self-care. But once chapped, you can’t hide it with makeup.

If you have chapped lips, remove the top layer of dryness first with makeup remover. Next, apply a thick coat of lip balm leaving it for soaking a little bit. Later, scrape your lips with a clean mascara wand and remove the debris using makeup remover. At last, apply another layer of lip balm.

Pay special attention to nose blowing

Blowing of the nose due to cold can spoil your overall impression and tiring hours of hard work. In case your nose is blown because of the cold and you have just finished your makeup, stick your fingers covered in tissue directly up the nostrils and blow lightly with absolutely no wiping at the end. This will give you relief even without harming your makeup.

Put lip balm on face for that radiant glow

What is the most amazing part of a models’ skin? It glows. Models have tried to keep it a mystery but it’s no more a secret! If you want to make your skin glow like models, just slather lip balm on the whole face.

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