One of the most popular recreational activities in the US, Europe and other parts of the world is cycling. If you don’t know yet how to ride these two-wheeled vehicles, do not worry because if you can walk, you can learn how to ride a bike.

There are also many health benefits to using a bicycle as your main means of transportation. When you’re using a bike to get from point A to point B, you are doing your share in helping save the environment because you are using muscle power instead of gas or fuel for your mode of transportation.

Not only is bike riding eco-friendly, it is also budget-friendly because you won’t have to spend money on fuel. If you get into recreational biking, mountain biking, racing or any bike-related sport, you are going to increase your circle of friends.

Biking is a sport that is taken on by people from all walks of life and all age ranges, so your social life will be given a boost. Riding a bicycle is also good for the spirit, because being outdoors and feeling the wind against your face as you speed along is an unparalleled, refreshing experience.

What Are the Best Health Benefits of Biking?

Now, what about the health-specific benefits of riding a bike? Along with walking, jogging, and running, biking is considered as a good form of cardiovascular exercise. If you have yet to seriously ride a bike, here are the top reasons why the activity is good for your health.

1. Bike riding is good for the brain

All physical exercises are good for the brain because the exertion makes oxygen and nutrients flow more freely towards the brain and the muscles. Biking specifically forces more nerve cells to fire up the neurons, which in turn boost the creation of proteins that help promote the formation of new brain cells.

The more you pedal, the more neurons will be produced which helps brain cells communicate faster and more efficiently with each other.

Riding a bike is especially helpful for older individuals because as people age, the brain actually shrinks and the connection between brain cells become weaker. If you would like to have a higher concentration level, a sharper memory, better problem solving skills, and a more efficient brain, you should definitely get into the habit of biking.

2. It uplifts the spirit

Biking aficionados might describe the experience of riding a bike as being similar to flying. It’s an almost spiritual experience as you feel the breeze against your face and your hair, as you pedal your way towards your destination, as your feet dictate the pace of how fast or how slow your bicycle glides down the road.

Those who enjoy driving a car might also enjoy being astride a bike, although it’s a much simpler means of transportation. There’s just this extra bonus of using your muscle power to get to your destination so instead of using gas as fuel, you’re using your own strength and sweat. If your spirit is uplifted, you will enjoy numerous health benefits as well.

3. It puts very little stress on your joints

If you’re trying to lose weight, there are certain exercises like crunches that, if not done properly, will put undue stress on your joints. Riding a bike is a physical activity that does not fall under this category.

Cycling has very little impact on your joints so even if you are cycling for miles and miles, you will not put too much stress on your knees. In fact, it will help work out your glutes, thighs and legs. As compared to walking or running, biking will let you get farther in terms of the miles that you can work out.

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